Hi, I’m John. I’ve been a writer for a long time. My stuff has been published by a bunch of people, and I’ve published some of my own. I’ve collaborated with talented artists, poets, musicians, and cartoonists, beginning with Mike Stengl in the early 1980’s (maybe even earlier).

While writing for others, I also started illustrating mini comics, and published them as well as little poetry ‘chappies’ under the name NewFeet, and I continue to use that name today.

Later on, as the punch lines grew longer and longer, I started reading at open mics, then featured here and there. When Slam appeared, I became a slam poet (poof!), and was on the Portland Slam Team for three years, representing PDX in PDX, Austin, TX, and Middletown, CT. I’ve performed with spoken word and music ensembles, Prick, Like We’re Happy, Paper, and Hydropods.

Recently, I’ve produced “John Dooley: Oral Foibles,” and holiday EP, “Bough to Satanta and Other Jingles,” both solo music & poetry audio collections.

This site is for showing some old stuff, and promoting the new! Take a look around and enjoy your time here. This site is under construction, so let me know if there are any glitches.